Most guys only do something nice for their girlfriend or wife when they are in trouble for the birthday or anniversary me myself. I like my special someone that she is thought of on a continuous basis some days, minute by minute, which is why I send her Harrogate flowers every month. The entire year this tradition started when we first began our relationship shortly before her birthday that year. I asked her if there was anything in particular that she wanted or wished to do, as in my family. We believed in the birthday wish, meaning that, because it’s your birthday. Anything within reason that you wish for you can have and she knew I was a romantic and would do just about anything she asked. Just to see a smile she however was not particularly keen about the idea of her birthday. So she told me that she wanted something pretty every month for a year, assuming I’m sure that I would bring something on her birthday and maybe for the first few months or so and then slowly forget about the promise.

To her surprise, however not only did I bring a dozen roses on her birthday with a white one in the center, which had a claddagh ring on the stem, but I sent them the first of every month like clockwork for the entire year, with special arrangements in December and for other particularly special dates. I have continued this tradition for the past three years every year on birthday. When asked what she wishes, she simply says something pretty every month for a year and the promise renewed.